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Prof. Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu’s hair transplant clinic is located in beautiful Istanbul Turkey. If you decide to have hair transplant surgery at his clinic, not only will you receive a world–class hair transplant, but you’ll also be visiting one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

Istanbul is truly a beautiful city and, coveted by empires across the centuries, straddling both Europe and Asia, it is one of the world’s great metropolises.

Hair Transplant in Turkey -Dr. Kayıhan Şahinoğlu

Who Can Benefit From Hair Transplant Surgery?

Anyone who has experienced permanent hair loss may be a candidate for hair restoration surgery.

Hair Transplant Before & After Photos

For you to see the difference, photos are presented side-by-side in high resolution to get a close look.

6 Reasons to Choose Kayihan Sahinoglu

To date, Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu performed over 5000 hair transplant surgeries.

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+90 216 411 8690

+90 216 411 8690

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A Full Range of Hair Transplant Services

We are committed to treat each and every patient individually, taking into consideration their personal needs and aspirations.
Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu | Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)


Some of Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu’s patients who are proud of their results have personally documented their experiences on YouTube. They are helping others to understand that a hair transplant can be a very fulfilling experience in the hands of the right doctor.
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Hair Transplant Turkey Surgery Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu


Prof. Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu performs follicular unit extraction (FUE) as the best option for hair restoration. With FUE, the extraction sites heal with small, circular scars that are easier to conceal, especially for patients who prefer shorter hairstyles.
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FUT Hair Transplants

FUT Method

FUT is a general term which means Follicular Unit Transplant. This term is commonly used to describe a technique whereby a strip of scalp is removed from the donor area of the scalp. Later, the wound is closed using surgical staples.
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Hair Transplant Turkey Surgery Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu

FUE Method

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant surgery is a less invasive treatment compare to strip surgery. Scalpels and sutures are not used in FUE method. FUE method may be described as “procedure” instead of “surgery”.
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Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu has significant experience in the field of hair restoration having performed hundreds of procedures every year.


Prof. Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu

This kind of dedication allows Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu to safely harvest 2500-3000 grafts in a single session daily. Dr. Kayihan Sahinoglu performs quite long sessions of 4000-5000 grafts in two consecutive days based on the availability of patient’s donor site.

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